Ammo Belt?

What's this site all about anyway?

Well you've made it this far so my bet is you're at least curious about this website and what we're up to. So welcome and feel free to explore the content provided here even if looks like a complete waste of your time. We'll mostly look into shooting and hunting with an open door policy for just about every other outdoor activity. Beyond that, whatever looks of interest to our membership is fair game for discussion. In a sentence... The Ammo Belt is about nothing in particular and everything in general. What more could we ask for? That said, you're likely to find both worthless and valuable stuff here on just about anything allowed by law or which otherwise meets our rigorously high moral standards of conduct.

So sit back with a good beer, light a cigar if you've got one, and please enjoy the experience.

Thank you! - The Ammo Belt Development Team

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